Cat With A Bad Back

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Messalina | 08:31 Wed 13th Jan 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Smoke the big has a slipped disc - never heard of cats getting that but the vet says it's not uncommon n in older mogs. He's doing ok but he's having a problem with his litter tray. He gets his front paws in but his backside is hanging over the edge with the predictable puddle on the floor.
I've swapped his tray for a shallower one so it's easier to get into but I'm wondering if stepping on the shifting litter is making him reluctant to move further into it.

Any suggestions on how to help him very gratefully received.


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Doesn't answer what you are asking but my cat has arthritis in his spine and it was suggested we give him Yumove capsules which can be taken whole or mixed in his food. It has made a big difference over a couple of months. It was the vet that suggested this and initially I was buying from the vet but found they were much cheaper at Zooplus where I get some of his food. Sorry can't help with your question but hopefully someone else can help. I would put a newspaper under tray until he feels happier using properly.

It is a supplement similar to what humans can take. Can't remember what I pay but found Zooplus was the cheapest when last purchased.
Puppy training pads under the tray might help.
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Thanks for this. I'd seen them advertised for dogs but didn't realise they were for cats too. I'll give them a try.
Got the newspaper already. How can one day create such a large puddle?
Frankie could pee up a wall. And he could pee for Scotland.
I'd also recommend puppy training pads. Mush less messy than newspaper, everything is absorbed.
There is also this type of tray with a lower side... User Recommendation
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Puppy pads. Not thought of those. I'll get some ordered. The good news is that he's eating well. His breakfast, Trig's breakfast.

I honestly thought his time was up on Monday. He's been on steroid injections for a year for a rumour in his throat. So when this happened I thought it might be a secondary one.

Never thought a slipped disc would be good news
Puppy pads, great idea, should have thought of them as I always place one in cat carrier when taking cat to vet.
No solutions, I'm afraid, Messalina, but love to you and Smoke.

Give him your love, which you already are; he will know and appreciate it.

Is he on any pain relief meds. My cat suffers from cystitis and has been on Metacam for a week and it does help him to relax. He is much better now so easing off the Metacam. I know this is a common pain relief used by vets and wondered if your vet has prescribed this. Only available on prescription.
You could buy a cat litter tray with a lid. The only downside to that I can think of is that he might be reluctant to use this big new monstrosity;-)
This is the cheapest I could find.
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He spent Monday night and yesterday hooked up to a drip with anti inflammatories and pain killers but otherwise no. He has monthly jabs of both for his rumour. Vet says he just needs to take it very easy for a couple of weeks.
Try swapping his litter for puppy pads and see if that helps or try swapping litter for wood pellets as they don’t seem to move so much
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I've ordered some puppy pads. He really doesn't like covered litter boxes, tried one before.
He did manage a slow stagger across the room when I had a sausage butty. Obviously the idea of a bit of porky banger was enough of a lure for him to give it a try

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Cat With A Bad Back

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