Cat Getting Fat Again

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smurfchops | 19:14 Fri 08th Jan 2021 | Animals & Nature
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I posted a while ago, my female spayed tortoiseshell cat, six years old, seems to be hungry all the time. Her tummy is getting quite rounded, looks like she has put on perhaps a kilo. I don’t give her a lot to eat at a time, around a third of a pouch, Felix or Hi Life or Whiskas, sometimes with a few biscuits. She eats around 9.30 am, is hungry again around 1pm, then 3pm, and various times for the rest of the day and evening. I took her to the vet last time this happened, he took tests and couldn’t find anything wrong. I don’t like to see her always hungry and getting overweight. She is around 5-5.5 kg now. Is this normal for cats to always be hungry, is she trying it on, should I ignore her and feed her twice or three times a day? Thanks all.


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has she been wormed recently?
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Forgot to say, after I took her to the vet, the phase seemed to pass and she lost the round tummy. Now it’s started again...
Cats and dogs can get rounded tummies with worms.
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She is wormed regularly, every three months, de flead every six weeks.
Mine's always been like that. He's a lot heavier than your cat. I think sometimes it's boredom. If the Vet can find nothing wrong, I shouldn't worry too much about it.
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She was wormed last November. And vet did it, so she didn’t bite my finger off....
I also have a female spayed tortoiseshell cat, six years old who weighs the same as yours. The vet thinks she's fine as does yours. Mine wouldn't put up with 1/3 pouch at 0930 and then nothing until 1pm, that wouldn't satisfy her. Does she go out and get some exercise?
My 4 get through 10 pouches a day 5in am and pm. Some eat more wet food than others. They have dry food and water always available. They come in and out as they please. Is her tummy always "fat" or just after she eats?
Cats have small stomachs and esophagus so they really can't take in a lot of food at once....otherwise they just vomit it all back up again. So I'd not worry about feeding her 4x a day. A third of a pouch for a meal doesn't sound like much at all.
Is she an outdoor cat?
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Yes she has lots of outdoors space, is quite playful, tummy at the moment is always rounded. Always plenty of water to hand although l don’t see her drink any. I only give her small amounts of food at a time, although she gets through around 2 1/2 pouches a day, plus biscuits. I just think if I give her more she will get fatter, and before all this started, she didn’t eat a lot at all. I wouldn’t let her starve, I feel guilty and always give in when she asks for food.
Are you sure she's not nipping of to the neighbours who might be feeding her?
Maybe try the vet again if her tummy went down after the last time.
Is her tummy always large or does it vary day to day? Is it firm, hard, soft? Is the rest of her changing in size?
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It stays the same, quite firm.
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Rest of her is the same! Maybe her face is a bit fatter ... I will weigh her later, she is out now ... don’t know if she is getting fed elsewhere ...
If she gets out and about you can assume that she has another source of food.

Frankie always looked like a barrel on legs and, as a fat person, he would get fat and encounter the same problems that I do. But his weight was static for many years.

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Cat Getting Fat Again

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