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jennyjoan | 19:05 Sat 28th Nov 2020 | Animals & Nature
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I just wonder if any birds come into my garden like Maxie is always in with me but a few times - I did leave bread out (broke up) and sometimes cake.

Both times not touched. Would they really be glad of bird seed. Thanks


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yes and also dried mealworms, bread isn't really good for them but better than nothing.
Some birds would, yes and they also like mealworms (I use dried) and nuts and coconut feeders with suet in. Do you have trees or shrubs which would attract them in the first place?
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I got rid of most of my greenery as it was growing wild - but there is a small bit left.

Mealworms - where do I buy them - alongside bird seed.
Twice is not giving them a chance anyway - they have to find you first then over time will come more often knowing there is a regular supply.

But yes, they'll be glad of 'proper' bird food.
I buy mine from either Wilko, Asda or Pets at Home (dearer there). Any pet shop as well. You may not have enough bushes to attract them jj.
Do you have anything you can hang feeders from ?
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Birds can't find me - I'm here 30 years LOL

Burly - yes I could hang them. I have flower basket hangers with nothing on them. Could put them on that.
You could indeed jj and any birds would be grateful now with winter fast approaching.
Everything you could ever want to know about feeding the birds in your garden, from the RSPB (where they know a thing or two about birds!):
Lidl normally have wire bird feed cages complete with a packet of nuts £1.99 good value. Do you have a washing line. Hang them on that. A bit of wire Or string needed. I’ve found Large sacks (15kg)of nuts better value, than the small 1-2 kg bags.
Fat balls could be a good start, most of the birds like those. You can buy food already in feeders in Wilkos if you don't have any feeders. They aren't that expensive and are reusable
Start by hanging a peanut feeder or one for holding fatballs.
I think they'll soon come flocking.
Tesco do excellent bird seed, Three pounds a big bag. The birds here love it!
I have three feeders hanging, one for fat balls, two for seed.
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well whilst I have not seen any birds I know they have been as there are seeds on the ground, and also I think it is a coconut paste thing I bought has been tampered with with little birds. Yay.

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