Fish Compatibility

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charliesteve | 18:30 Mon 23rd Nov 2020 | Animals & Nature
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Hi Would Corydoras catfish live happily with platties. Thanks. Steve


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We have a tank that has guppies and cory juli living and breeding quite happily together.

The corys are bottom dwellers and platties are middle/top dwellers.

The corys lay eggs (and the others eat them).

Platties/guppies are live bearers - and eat them!
Good choices for community fishes for your aquarium would be danios, tetras, mollies, platies, guppies, cory catfish, common plecos, Angelfish. So they all will live happy in your aquarium!
If you get plecs - and you get a male and female - the female will lay eggs, the male will then spend about 2 weeks fanning water over the eggs.

You will then have LOTS of little plecs. We sold ours to the local fish shop. More than once!

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Fish Compatibility

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