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fruitsalad | 12:57 Sun 25th Oct 2020 | Animals & Nature
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This morning I've been listening to the Radio, quite loud I might add, and it got me thinking, with dogs and their very sensitive hearing, do you think its a bit much for them, having it on loud?


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Your dog's behaviour will tell you if the music is too loud for them - leaving the room, cowering, whimpering, howling are all signs your dog is not coping. If he seems happy and relaxed, there is nothing to worry about.
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Hes fine lays on his back with his legs in the air, I dont have it loud for long just while I'm working about, but it did get me wondering.
He is obviously not bothered
well yes and no
// Your dog's behaviour will tell you if the music is too loud for them //
yes that is correct
or - well I agree with that
BUT.... or AND ....
I went with ma dawg to an ACWS ( american civil war society of england ) [ first one where large numbers of gurlz can fire guns rather than just cook ] re enaction
and a terrier dragged a six year old past us
six yr old on his stomach - dog leading
and I said to ma dawg - too loud? and the dog said nope
but clearly it was too loud for the terrier

so I said - loud bangs?
and the dog said - nope OK I am a labrador
and I said Oh
and the dog said - learn a thing a day
dog leading
dog dragging the child
on a lead as a deadd weight
and saying " I can do this" ( the dog that is!)
dogs arent that dumb
I said to my brother after catastrophic loss of sight 50%
he ( the dog) has started leading me around - but how does he know I cant see?

and my brother said - he has seen you walk into things

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Dogs Hearing

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