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jennyjoan | 05:47 Fri 23rd Oct 2020 | Animals & Nature
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I've been up all night re wee Maxie, I have never heard this before.

But he is rasping/dry cough and it has frightened me.

He stopped for a while when I gave him a little chicken and rubbed his face with a little water.

When I took him out tonight - he pulled on the lead - excited to be getting out. He pulled that much that the rasping started.

I googled it and people have said to get him a cough bottle. In the meantime I'm feeling sorry for him.


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I hope Maxie gets better is just so worrying when your pets aren't well.
He may have something stuck in his throat, if it continues I would take him to the vet. Hopefully he will be better soon.
I'd get him to the vets if I were you JJ.
jj please take him to the vet, better to be safe than sorry, surely.
Vet advice needed cough in dogs especially older ones should always be investigated.
^ Yes, it could be heart related.
JJ don't give human medicines to dogs unless you are sure that they are safe for the dog. Its not just the medication, for instance the sweetener xylitol can kill dogs in quite small amounts.
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Well got him a vet appointment at 5 today. She said he had kennel cough and an infection in his throat.

She gave him two injections one an antibiotic and other for ???. He is doing great. Just a cupple of wee coughs but nothing like last night. Just back to my wee Maxie. Mind you trying to get the injections into him was too hard that the vet got a nurse to help. I was hopeless.
Good that the injections are working though, jj.
Awww...poor maxie. Give him a cuddle for me jj. I hope he makes a quick recovery.
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thanks guys, I will give him some cuddles. right now he is in my bedroom on his wee bed, he is such a lovely affectionate dog, but I know all dog owners say wonderful things about their dogs and rightly so. I'm so happy he is happy.
Great news jj, you and Maxie will sleep well tonight .
I expect the other injection was an anti inflammatory JJ. So glad Maxie is feeling better. Might be as well to keep him in for a few days if he pulls on the lead in excitement as it will not help his throat and will make him cough. I hope you both sleep well.
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woof - you're right - it was an anti inflammatory. I got a few hours sleep as he is coughing sporadically and not all the time. She did give me Loxicam to give to him through the next couple of days.
JJ, next time Maxie has his booster jabs, ask for the kennel cough nasal spray to be administered too.
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that's right Tilly - he should have been given that in August but with all this Covid in my head I completely forgot. She told me when he recovers from this, to phone for another appointment for the kennel cough. Boy is he a bad boy when he saw the big needle coming towards him. LOL
I'm glad he's on the mend.
Aww glad it's sorted jj.

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