Dog Rolled In It!

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eve1974 | 21:42 Sat 17th Oct 2020 | Animals & Nature
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Dogs - gotta love em!
Taking our boy out for a wee just before I’m about to get into bed only for him to dash off at high speed.
Came back stinking .... covered in blood n gore n who knows what else! My guess is he disturbed a recent kill (by foxes?) and then after the chase he came back to roll in their fresh kill.

A bath followed.... leaving me wide awake and him looking so chuffed with himself for the chase!!


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you wait till its fox poo
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Been there, done that.... (well the dogs have not me lol)
Worst after fox poo (in fact I'm not sure if it shouldn't come first) was my labrador, who found a nicely decayed sheep corpse on the moor and had a great time rolling in it. She fitted quite nicely inside the rib-cage. It was a good mile walk back to the car and a 25 min. drive home.......... :(
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Oh jourdain!!!! That funny... well
Maybe not for you at the time but...!!!

A 25 min car journey must’ve been the longest ride if your life!! Haha!

Our bathroom literally stunk so much after bathing him I’m burning scented candles in there So can’t imagine cooped up in a car.

Ps the boy in question tonight is a Labrador too.... lovely thick fur for the stench to cling to!

Diorissimo for dogs! Lovely.
Fox poo is the favourite here lol. Not that it smelt... but this morning on a walk, we went past an injured pigeon, which was floundering and obviously unable to fly. My cocker got hold of it, while my mum tried to stop him, and he must have broken it's neck in seconds. I was mortified. I hadn't been able to decide whether to try to rescue it, or just hope he put it out of its misery quickly... while he seemed quite proud of himself... he let me take it off him, albeit a bit reluctantly... dogs being dogs...
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Yup pixie our dog did similar with an injured crow!

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Dog Rolled In It!

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