Dog Dreaming

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eve1974 | 22:16 Thu 17th Sep 2020 | Animals & Nature
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Wish I cld see what dogs dreamt about...
mine is currently “running” n growling in his sleep :).

I think he may be chasing squirrels!


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When my cat dreams it's so funny. I'm convinced he is chasing something or climbing. And every now and again he emits a loud snore or grunt and wakes himself up. He looks so disgusted.
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Lol barmaid re the loud snore / grunt ... Cos ours wakes himself up too! Then looks around so confused !
Saw that on Youtube ages ago, Hopkirk, and couldn't stop laughing. Watched it many times since with the same effect. And have just stopped shaking with laughter now after watching your clip. :-)
My dog did something similar last year, only he was on the settee at the time, and when he came to during his dream, he ran toward the vestibule door, stopping just in time. Then he stretched as if what he had done was perfectly normal.
my old english does this every night, hilarious but not so much at 2 in the morning..where ever he is in his head, it must a great romp about somewhere..i imagine its lake of beef gravy.
Ken, I know that laugh. I get it each time I see the 'Fenton' video.
///Sleeping Dog run into wall///

Ouch !!!! That looked really painful. T'was funny nevertheless :-D
I felt so sorry for him, much have hurt :-(
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Anneasquith me too ... I felt too worried he was sore to chuckle. The Fenton vid however ..... ROFL!
It's likely that dogs dream in a similar fashion to humans, replaying the everyday activities that make up their existence, like chasing, playing, and eating. so you are right dogs dreams about chasing hahah
have a nice day
The dog crashing into the wall NOT funny. Fenton, funny.
The quality of sleep was determined by the amount of time spent in the REM phase; they had more time in this phase after exercise and sleeping in their own bed. The same response is seen in humans.

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Dog Dreaming

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