Sitting On A Bench In The Park

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pastafreak | 17:06 Thu 16th Jul 2020 | Animals & Nature
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A little Jack Russell dog trotted up to me and as I reached out to pet her, started eagerly licking my fingers. She then jumped up next to me and gave my bag a good snuffle, and accepted my patting. And then she left as her owner called. Those few seconds were lovely.


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She trusted you instinctively, how lovely.x

There's a special pal out there for you when the time is right.
Oh Pasta how lovely. I'd give anything to have been in your position for those few minutes. Joyous.
Let me know which park, pasta, and i'll send my Jack Russell round for a snuffle :-)
glad you haven't been put off getting near dogs
You can't sit on a park bench all alone, Pasta. You need a little, hairy companion. x
Unusual for a Jack Russell isn't it? I thought they normally barked at strangers.
Lovely :o)

On the way home from school me and little Tiggs used to see a little cat and we'd always stop and stroke it for a few minutes. Miss those days...
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Oh goodness bednobs...of course it hasn't.
When I was about 8, a neighbours fox terrier came flying off their front step and jumped at me. That didn't put me off. Then another neighbours Old English Sheep Dog...pinned me down on their lawn. Playing...didn't put me off. I continued to pester my parents until I got my own furry friend for my 10th birthday.
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Tiggs...I'm always chatting to the neighbours cats. There is one that would run from dogs...but not from Sally. He loved her.
I can't resist any cat I come across. I end up chatting to cat's even when I'm in the middle of talking to someone!
Hopkirk I have homed quite a few JR's over the years and I would say barking at strangers is not abnormal behaviour. They are usually too busy sniffing around with their nose to the ground. Strange dogs they might though!
A smart dog will usually recognize a dog person. canine intuition ?
They are lovely little dogs. We had one when I was a kid, called Spot. A faithful, sweet little feller who Dad rescued from a cruel owner, just took the dog off him he did after he saw him beating it to a pulp.
I suspect the fact you had something nice on your fingers and the possibility of more in your bag are the key points!

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Sitting On A Bench In The Park

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