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genie123 | 10:57 Sat 06th Jun 2020 | Animals & Nature
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Our cat will be 18 later in the year and although he seems to be perfectly healthy in himself i.e. still eating using his tray and playng from time to time and rushing around like a kitten sometimes. His has become very vocal and walks around yowling quite a lot. We have really no idea what the problem is and can't get to a vet at the moment. He doesn't appear to be in pain just seems to want the sound of his own voice. As suddenly as it starts it stops and he wonders off and goes to sleep. Any ideas, has anyone come across this before and what can we do. He does stop if you pick him up but can't do that every time.


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We had a cat who started doing this. He became very vocal and would start early in the morning. It can be a sign of dementia and 18 is pretty old for a cat. I'm sure a vet would give you advice over the phone.
Another possibility is over-active thyroid especially if he is losing weight.
My boy is just 15 and is the same. I have tried ignoring him but he starts almost singing.

As mentioned it can be dementia but it can also have a physical cause - maybe thyroid.

At three o'clock in the morning, it can drive a person insane.
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Thanks all for the response. It would appear that Soots could possibly have dementia. Fortunately he is generally good during the night so fingers crossed that continues. As there seems to be nothing to be done, we will spare him a trip to the vet until such time as there appears to be more need.
Aww hope he's ok genie. I'd pick him up every time, but that's me, I'm ultra soft when it comes to animals!
He may also be going deaf. I had a deaf cat that never shut up ( I loved him dearly). Being very vocal is typical because they can't hear themselves. Think of the elderly person who shouts.
I've heard that before about a cat going deaf pasta. Old age is horrid for everyone.
Mine was born deaf. It's probably easier on the cat. Sometimes I thought he was faking it...dirtbag that he was. ;)
Well I suppose if he was born deaf, to him that would be natural, but what a shame. Oh yes pets can fake things, we had a dog once, many years ago and if he wanted sympathy or a fuss making, he'd limp and we knew there was absolutely nothing wrong with him, Mum and Dad took care of him very well! Little monkey he was.

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