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pastafreak | 20:42 Fri 05th Jun 2020 | Animals & Nature
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...poops in very awkward places?
Sammi does huge poohs...and has the greyhound tendency for rather loose ones. He loves to position himself over the centre of tall bushes. There are times I need a double length pooh bag. Is there such a thing? As it is, the ones I have are big enough to double as carrier bags. My hands aren't big enough though...:((


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Get a pooper scooper...hang on...
Extra large poo bags here: User Recommendation

Any help?
Bio degradable ones here. User Recommendation

Would a bread bag be big enough? That’s what I use for my cat anyway. I can’t imagine a dog doing a bigger doing than that.
Question Author
Oh...I use these. Super big...and thick. User Recommendation

I'm working on solving the soft pooh problem...slowly.
Question Author
It's the awkward location that's the issue....he won't even walk on pavement until he's "gone"...
He's just a big dirt bag.
He's going on the top of a bush and you need to reach down through the bush to retrieve a loose stool?

A hosepipe sounds more useful - sorry that's not helpful.
If it's always the same bush could you place a bag inside a container in the centre in the hopes it may catch it?
Question Author
No...not the same bush...
...he spreads it around...well, you know what I mean.
I end up grabbing handfuls of dried grass cuttings to cover what I can't get up. I know...I'm awful.
Difficult one really, sorry to be useless.
Question Author're never useless Mamya x
I just needed to moan about my boy...I was hoping there were other dogs that were worse ;)
My last dog was a Lab/GSD total psycho. I adopted him when he was five and he died at fourteen.

Towards the end of life he used to cock his leg to poo, or try to, his technique needed some work. I was lucky that he was passing solid poos.

I'm sure you will find a way to get Sammi to go to the bathroom on command so that he will go somewhere more suitable.

I thought that a Cat would be simpler to care for and with no need to walk. I was wrong.
My old bytch will be happily nosing around in heavy cover and come running out to the middle of the path, normally straight in front of someone, and drop into the crouch.
Why she couldn't drop her droppings in the cover is beyond me.
Just contrary wimmin I suppose...
Silly Shoota, Your lady dog is making sure that a human will pick up her poo by doing it where a human can see it.
My old man likes to go up against things so you can’t get at it easily!! Prickly prickle bushes are a particular favourite
Perhaps you should demonstrate to him what he should be doing ?
Question Author
Naahhhhh, O_G...I don't think so.

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