Are There Barn Owls In Spain?

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sandyRoe | 15:59 Wed 25th Mar 2020 | Animals & Nature
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I was standing in the garden at about 2.30 this morning having a last cigarette when a massive bird flew past. There was no sound from its wings and it looked to be grey in the street lighting.
A Bar Owl?


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Probably a Teat Owl.
I believe they are Europe wide Sandy.
Yes. From Wiki
The barn owl is found almost everywhere in the world except polar and desert regions, in Asia north of the Himalaya, most of Indonesia, and some Pacific islands.[2]
Are you living in Spain now sandy?
Possibly a Tawny Owl Sandy. They are bigger than Barn Owls and grey in the under plumage in flight rather than the white(very white) of a Barn Owl. Plus if you are in "the city" it is more likely to be a Tawny. Barn Owls need open farmland but Tawny Owls will happily adapt to city life..............and they are partial to a cigarette, hence the deep 'hoohoo’ call. :))
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I've been house/cat sitting in a tiny village in northern Spain since mid January.
The nearest decent size town, Muxia, is 7km away. The busses have just been cancelled.
The nearest shop now is a 20 minute walk.
Sandy , Probably an Eagle Owl ,did it have a very large wingspan ?, if not then as you say it could have been a Bar owl looking for a Bar that was open
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Bar owl was a Freudian slip. ))
This is a tiny village. Only about 6 houses occupied. A few are derelict, and others are rented as holiday places in the summer.
Plenty of open fields around and a forest not too far away.
A shepherd , watching sheep and goats and their new born lambs and kids, told me there was a wolf in the forest.
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Gulliver, not a big wing span but it looked to be a substantial bird.

There's lots of open fields around here
Sandy, only joking, what is the weather like up north. ( Spain).
Thank you sandy. Sounds lovely (in normal times!) Hope you can get everything you need in the shop. Keep safe x
^ sorry, didn't see the wolf mentioned before I posted!
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When I came here on 15th of January it was raining. Didn't stop for about a month.
Countryside is very green as you'd expect, and very quiet
Sandy I was only joking about the Bar Owl , I was serious about " The Eagle Owl , quite common in Spain.
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I know.
It was a big bird, silhouetted against the lights from a street light, and silent in flight.
One sure fire way Sand to identify is.....if you listen out at night and hear the familiar Hoohoo call then it is probably a Tawny Owl. Barn owls do not make that sound... more a grunt or sometimes a low pitched screech. Majestic sight in flight whatever type of Owl though. I have had the life almost frightened out of me at night here when one has flown very close near when I have accidentally disturbed it from a roost it uses to hunt in the garden.
I seem to remember (on tv I think it was) that barn owls exist on all continents.
Encouraged in oil palm plantations with nesting boxes to keep rats under control apparently.

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Are There Barn Owls In Spain?

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