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curlyperm11 | 22:12 Fri 17th Jan 2020 | Animals & Nature
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Hi to all the people who left kind and helpful comments. Just an update. Yogi is now back to his normal self I’d say about 90%. I’ve engaged another dog walker so he can go back to mixing with other dogs. Got him an Aptimal collar. Took him to new vets today and (bit of a bad day) Cos he had FULL monty Kennel cough vaccine, 3 year booster injection, worming and flea tablet and (worst of all) his Anal glands emptied


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Good. I expect he just gave up on his New Year's resolutions. What a relief.
So glad he's perked up, way to go Yogi!
glad he perked up. One of my boys used to get very miserable when his anal glands needed doing
Thanks fo the update curly. Good to know he's better.
Lovely news
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