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jennyjoan | 14:26 Wed 18th Dec 2019 | Animals & Nature
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I am looking after 3 dogs today. My own and an unwell neighbour's 2 dogs. They are truly lovely. I have also bathed them in lovely warm water as there was a smell (I did ask neighbour if that was ok).

However they have dominated the furniture and poor Maxie is put out. He doesn't know what's wrong LOL.

The two dogs won't leave me alone - just want loads of cuddles. Think Maxie is getting worried at losing his Mama.


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never mind they will go back to the neighbours soon and Maxie can have you back...
Aww don't push his nose out jj, it is HIS home after all xx
Just give him lots of love and tell him they'll be gone soon!
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Isla - they only stayed for 8 hours.
Lola wouldn’t put up with it, she’s a diva, lol
Dogs can have many different reactions, you need to make sure that you calm him down that is the most important thing to do. Use highly valued treats to reward calm behavior and let him know how important he is for you. There is a very good site that you can visit more information
We used to look after Jen's brothers rescued greyhound, whilst they were working. Our dogs nose was put out of place, I used to walk them separately as it was easier for me, they had a massive fight when I got greyhound back, I literally had to dive on greyhound to protect him, they both ended up in naughty corners.

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