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thugulike | 12:57 Mon 26th Aug 2019 | Animals & Nature
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Would wasps inside a wall make clicking noises? My husband can hear it but I can't so I suspect it is quite high pitched. We also have small brown stains on the ceiling near the nest. Any ideas?


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Not sure about the clicking, but we've the exact same problem with the brown stains on the ceiling in the spare bedroom wardrobe, and this is directly where a nest was last year (and may be again) as seen them getting in under the house gable....Don't know what to do with it to be honest! Any tips are welcome....I hate the things :-(
Yes the noise could be wasps ! The stains are their excrement (poo)
Why clicking though Eddie? What are they doing to cause this noise? I'm curious now :-)

The young wasp larvae make this noise; they make this noise to encourage the adult wasps to feed them and also as they move around in their cells. ... If you can hear a loud buzzing noise, it will most probably be bumble bees. Bumblebees nests also create a high pitch chirping sound.
I was told by a council pest control officer that wasps only use a nest once and it's best to leave it alone as they will not return another year.
The baby wasps make the noise to attract adult wasps to come and feed them ! plus yes the stains are wasp 'poo' !

^^^^ As stated at 1448
They do make a clicking noise (barely audible), when collecting thin strips of wood for nest building, maybe they also do it when they stick it all together with saliva.

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