Charlotte's Walking Over The Garden Camera

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vetuste_ennemi | 23:15 Tue 20th Aug 2019 | Animals & Nature
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Absolutely delightful. The camera is there to watch the foxes and (hopefully) the hedgehogs , but that becomes more difficult when she starts making her web and scurrying across the lens of the camera. You just see all these long legs.


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err, v_e, did you forget a link? x
Albaqwerty, I think that VE has a camera set up to watch the activity in his garden, and now has the pleasure of watching a close-up of a spider building a web across the lens. That would be interesting to see.
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I'm watching my garden, Albaqwerty (along with doing the Spectator crossword, watching "The Social Network" - Zuckerberg obviously a VE hero - and drinking from a very large glass of something or other.

Spiders like making webs on the night camera.
there's one here.

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And she's stationary at the moment. She's got three legs across the lens.
my apologies, v_e.
It sounds a wonderful thing to watch.

Almost like being invited to share a secret with nature.

Thanks mamya, xx Fascinating creatures.

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Charlotte's Walking Over The Garden Camera

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