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Tyrion44 | 17:09 Sun 18th Aug 2019 | Animals & Nature
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Hi, is there a bird expert out there who can tell me how to discourage magpies from dive bombing my window. The window is next to my computer and I am now a nervous wreck as I never know when the next attack is coming. I don’t want to hurt them as I love magpies I just want them to stop terrorising me. Thanks.


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I haď the same problem once. The birds were seeing their reflections and were fighting off supposed enemies. RSPB told me to put a sheet of newspaper up and it did stop them.
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Thanks Mamya and Rosie. I will give it a go tomorrow.
Blinds might be better, although more costly.
I should have made it more clear - the newspaper only needed to be up for a few days. It broke the birds pattern of behaviour. Good luck.
I've seen black silouhettes of larger bird predators on windows quite a lot, try that.
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Thanks everybody.
Ive heard og this problem before and they said just draw a curtain across the window, its because they can see their own reflection in the glass.

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