She Didn’T Make It...

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Smowball | 17:53 Mon 24th Jun 2019 | Animals & Nature
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Am absolutely devastated.


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Smow, am so sorry.
No more pain or suffering for her, you cling on to the happy memories xx
So sorry to see this, Smow ....heart break for you, but peace for Pepper free from pain.

Never gets any easier for our fur babies xx
You did the right thing, Smow. Poor Pepper is free from pain now.
So sorry for your loss.
Best thing, ((Smow)), I'm sorry x
Sorry to hear.
So sorry for you.
At peace and painfree.
I am sure she would thank you if she could.
You did your best by her.
Big hug coming your way. x
So sorry to hear your sad news Smow. xx

Smow, so sorry to see this, try and think of it this way if you can,
She is at peace now, no more pain or struggling to eat/drink, the right thing at the right time, I know it's not easy but be strong.
So,so sorry to read this Smow. Little Pepper is at peace now at rainbow bridge. Keep all the happy memories in your heart. Xx
Question Author
Can’t sleep. Feel like ****. I know I did the right thing so why do I feel so bad.
Because you do, it's all part and parcel of beating yourself up really.

Is this the first pet you've had die?
Because we tend to berate ourselves about things we have minimum control over, human nature for many.

It's difficult, but life goes on.
I'm sure your "puddy tat" (said in my best Tweetie Pie voice) appreciated living with the Smow family.
Question Author
Ironically I had her mum, hence how I saw her being born. But her mum died when I was on holiday 2 years ago - my MIL was cat sitting them and came in one morn and found mum in the kitchen, passed away. So no I’ve never had to make this decision before. I know it’s the right one - she would have just starved to death- but god I miss her so much.
You still awake Smow? Be kind to yourself and and dont fight the feelings which are all very natural. You would be quite a different person if you felt any other at the moment, allow the emotion to flow however it needs to.
So sorry to see that smow. You did the right thing sweetheart. I know how you're feeling, I had to do that twice, with dogs of ours. The only consolation sweetheart is that Pepper is now at peace and pain free. I've no doubt she is with her mum.

Thinking of you sweetheart. xxx
I too was devasted when I lost Harvey but about 4 months on I just had to get another dog - I missed the wee footsteps and quizzical looks he would have given me (Harvey). This dog Maxie is just a wee gem - adore him. Know it is very early days but you might be happy with another wee companion like in the near future. The best thing I done.
Sorry for your bad news Smow. Most pet owners on the site know the terrible feeling when you lose your hairy monster(cat or dog)but don't worry eventually pain lessens and you'll only remember the happy times.
So sorry to hear of your loss, its always hard to lose a love one.
Maybe later, when the time fills right you'l find another what needs a loving home.
I feel so sorry for you Smow, but she is out of pain now. xxx

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