Name For A Female Owl

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spathiphyllum | 09:35 Wed 19th Jun 2019 | Animals & Nature
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Any ideas for a name for a female owl?

Anyone who says Luna is confirmed, basic


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15:27 Wed 19th Jun 2019
olive x
Best to ask the owl what they identify as before throwing labels around.
Knockers, not because she has a pair like Mamyas elbows.

Because she is nocturnal.
I know a female owl called Lotte.
or Ooty(girls name)
Twitter ?
What sort of owl is it?
I heard that!

A nameless one Tilly.

Sob sob ;-(
usiku ...night in chichewa
'Ke- wick'
I still want to know what type of owl it is, whatever it's name is.
if you google foreign words for owl some great names come up x
mrs know it owl

do you have an owl ?
I refuse to give it a name until I know what it is. :-)
Never had an owl myself.

Does a Budgie suffering insomnia count?

Bloody thing sang all night!!

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Name For A Female Owl

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