Is There A Difference Between Milk Thistle For Humans And For Dogs?

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ladybirder | 16:19 Sun 19th May 2019 | Animals & Nature
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Except for price that is? Here is one half the price of those advertised for dogs. As long as I am careful with the amount I am giving him for his weight I'm wondering if there is any reason not to give them to my dog whose Liver is in big trouble. Nothing the vet has given him is helping. I can ring the vet and ask tomorrow but would like to hear from anyone on AB who has experience in this. Thank you.


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Sorry LB can't help, can only do the same as you and Google as you have done for me and mine over the years I wish you well. X
There is no difference! Just do it! It may not do any good but it is not going to do any harm ! Sorry about your dog though!. I know, liver problems are far more common in dogs than in humans ! Unfortunatly it is usually due to dog owners feeding their pet on Human food ,which is simply NOT suitable for them!!
Sorry no experience, but have a look at the ingredients on one of the health shop sites and then do the same on a good pet supplies site and compare them. If there is no difference get the cheapest.
In this link,
there are several folk asking if the human version can be used and the answer is yes. The problem is he gives different fractions of the human dosage to use.

That may be because different brands have different amounts of the active component. I would suggest you tell your vet the specific amounts in the brand you intend buying and ask the dose for your dog.

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Oh Baldric what a lovely message, you're making me tear-up LOL. Thank you. xx

Sorry about that LB, we are both proper dog owners, ( not knocking anyone else ) we have been there and done it, we know the score, good luck.
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EDDIE I am my dog's 4th owner at least, so goodness knows what he's had fed to him. He's been with me for 5.5 years and been on a special kidney/liver/heart low protein support diet for at least 2.5 years. Before that I fed him on Nutriment raw, never on human food.
Ubasses, good advice, I have been looking at the ingredients and noted I must make sure not to get the one that contains alcohol.
Ha TCL, I had been reading that thread earlier before I posted. I was still unclear about the amount to give for his weight. However on another link I read 1 x 100mg tablet twice daily for a 20lb dog but I need to check that out. He's got two days let on his current medicine before I start him on the MT.
Poor boy's elevated ATL level is 2600 which really shocked me.
Thank you everyone.

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Is There A Difference Between Milk Thistle For Humans And For Dogs?

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