***emergency*** Escaped Guinea Pig

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ukanonymous | 19:45 Tue 14th May 2019 | Animals & Nature
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I left the guinea pig out side today as I do sometimes . in the top half of the cage but on the grass. Anyway she/ he escaped and I cant find it anywhere. The issue is we have a 4000 Square mete place and most is on a steep incline slope. What do I do ?


I think if it is lucky will last tonight with the temperature as its not that cold in north spain area. However there are tonnes of wild cats about. Its gettting dark now so given up the search. I have a heat detecting camera I can try but its hard.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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No ideas but good luck.

As you say the feral cats will be looking for prey. :-(

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I was thinking if extremely lucky the guinni pig could survive the summer. Do you think it will go far? Could I still find it tomorrow?
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Gosh where is Lankeela when you need her.
Nice name for a guinea pig.
leave a trail of pellets out during the day leading back to her cage.
If she is very tame try calling her name and rattling the pellets at the same time - GP's are very vocal so you may hear her squeals in answer to you.
Rememberer house sitting fo six De-gu's... my heart dropped knowing that do have six cats... but was just under his home base cabinet. I hope he is safe.
Hope you don't have a tribe of South Americans living next door.

They happily eat the little rodents.
G'day mate .. we tent not to eat each other up here mi ol' love spud..
Arksided - "Rememberer house sitting for six De-gu's... my heart dropped knowing that do have six cats... but was just under his home base cabinet. I hope he is safe."

Are there words missing from this story?

Yes they were wolf many I'd being awake all night and had lost track of time.

However Whilst looking after my Bro's place whilst he was in Spain... They were a German Shepherd, Six Cats and six De-gu's... whilst feeding the De-Gu's (they have a better cage now) one escaped passed me as I was feeding them.... and having left the doors open for cats/dog I thought he'd done a Mel Gibson heading for the door or one of the Cats got him... however he were safe and sound under a dining room Dresser that they have.

Arksided - a German Shepherd I could cope with, but six cats and six Degus is a bit much. I don't think that I have seen one - are they just cute rats?

ukanonymous - has your little piggie squeaked, squeaked, squeaked it's way home yet?
Lankeela would happily despatch a brace of Lancashire Heelers to round up the missing guinea pig - unfortunately there would not be much left of him when they returned! Leave the cage out and door open with nice tempting food in it and hope he returns when hungry and tired.
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The little *** tunred up! not only that but half my yoga mat is missing. It will be pooping plastic for a week. Glad she he is back though.
So glad to hear that, great news. I lost a hamster once, it was in the house but I have 2 cats. 3 days after going missing I woke up one morning and there he was sitting by my bedside table. I was very impressed that he'd figured out how to get upstairs! Bless :-)
Sorry that I missed your post last Wednesday Wolf.

Funny enough they do want some rats... which are friendlier than those nippy ***
UKA you have no idea how pleased I am to know that he/she is home and safe. Just brilliant:-))

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***emergency*** Escaped Guinea Pig

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