Can Anyone Tell What This Flower Is?

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flobadob | 16:15 Sun 14th Apr 2019 | Animals & Nature
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Just wondering did anyone know what this is? It looks like a bluebell but white.


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16:30 Sun 14th Apr 2019
Just google .. 'white bluebell image' .. and make your descision.
Looks a bit like some type of alium
Has it flopped a bit as it looks a lot like wild garlic (Ransoms) flower
It looks like a snowdrop flower.
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Prudie I think you might be right. It does actually smell of garlic. Is Ransom Flower another name for it?
try Googling Allium triquetrum I think it looks similar
Well Ransoms is its name although it is also called wild garlic.
wild garlic?.....mind you it would have the aroma of garlic if it is that!
definitely wild garlic, just have a taste. Leaves and flowers are edible. Flavour similar to cultivated stuff, but more subtle. We make pesto or throw it in salads.

Please note no liability if it's anything similar but deadly poisonous ....
You can smell it when walking in the woods.
I don't think Allium triquetrum smells quite as strong as Ramsons which is overpowering at times.
Allium triquetrum Three Corned Leek
can be used like chives

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Thanks for all the answers. So it is actually the 3 cornered leek as that has the same stem. I just assumed it was wild garlic or ramsons because it smells garlicy, but I see the 3 cornered leek smells of garlic also.
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