My dog sheds excessively all year round.

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benwell | 19:36 Sat 12th Nov 2005 | Animals & Nature
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I have a 20 lb. mixed breed (pom/terrier/???) who sheds excessively all year round! Would this be because of any particular breed? I have tried the Omega oils from the Vet, with no success. I brush her every 3-4 days and get a dustpan full and still have to sweep up hair every day. She is only 4 years old and seems to be energetic and in good health with good skin. She's a real lap dog, but your lap ends up covered in hair! Any suggestions as to how to prevent the excessive shedding???


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The basic question is whether the shedding is actually excessive or not - if she's not going bald then it's likely that this is normal for her, and essentially something you're not going to be able to change.

All I would suggest is that you continue with the supplementation (supermarkets do cheap evening primrose oil capsules which she could be given safely) and brush her as before, and consider turning your central heating down a couple of degrees. You will soon become accustomed to the cooler temperature, and this may be enough to help.

I used to be able to practically knit a jumper from my dog's hair! I have been giving him Vitapet moult formula on his food for a good long while now and he doesn't shed half so much hair and his coat is lovely and glossy.
Eels is right about the heating it does cause them to shed more hair. The colder it is the better my dog likes it !
Most pet shops sell Vitapet.
My K.C.spaniel sheds hair all the time too. I brush him everyday & have a good vacuum cleaner. He's very good (sometimes!) & will allow me to go over him with the brush attachment on the vac which helps too. Passers by must think my house is filthy as visitors often walk out of my door & brush themselves down on the doorstep! I wouldn't be without my sticky roller for removing hair from clothes!!
Sorry, I have no magic solutions to stopping it though.
mine uses super solvitax oil from our local pet shop, its brilliant, and good for the joints too!

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My dog sheds excessively all year round.

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