Too Much Information For Some Here Lol

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jennyjoan | 00:14 Thu 11th Oct 2018 | Animals & Nature
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Took Maxie out for his walk but let him off the lead and he had a grand old time. But there was this little ball of "something". hanging from bottom.

I came home and had things to do so didn't study but - I didn't know whether it was a pile coming from his end or ***

I set him in the bath and while I was dabbing it of he was whimpering so thought it was painful for him. I kept dabbing for ages - gently mind - but I have got it off. ***- so his back end has been well showered and dried - bless him. He going. mmm or mmmmm - he was afraid of me hurting him. He's in a big fluffy towel now on the bottom of my bed. Just love that man o mine LOL


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How romantic!
My missus doe the same for me!
Has he been eating grass?
And I bet you go mmmmm too Theland ;-)
Nowt worse than a dangler JJ.x
Mmmmm? Only if she doesn't use a Brillo pad!
I know its late and I'm tired but has JJ really just started a thread about washing her dogs bum?!!

She surely did! ;o)
We are in Animals & Nature.
Oh it's a dog? I thought it was a love story like me and Mrs T!

^^^ Lol!
Why would she not post ?

Decorum ? The post is in the correct topic, no rules being broken, a harmless post .
Baldric - Yes uncouth. A total absence of couths!

A naive post Anne!
4. Useless posts from you theland. This is not chatterbank.

Good grief, no wonder you Guys were exported years ago ;o)
Then I shall leave the room. Apologies to all offended.

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Too Much Information For Some Here Lol

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