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melv16 | 13:58 Fri 14th Sep 2018 | Animals & Nature
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Was attending a talk by Iolo Williams at my local bird group.
He's an excellent narrator and he spoke without notes for over an hour and a half. The talk was mainly about birds, but his knowledge on natural history is excellent.
Sadly, the outlook doesn't look good for birds in the UK. Breeding waders, including curlews, lapwings and golden plover are in steep decline in Wales as well as the rest of the country. Farming practices are mostly at fault for this.
Anyway, if he's in your area I would strongly recommend to go and see him.


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I think that he has an excellent presentation style.

I love Iolo, his voice is a joy his knowledge base is a bonus.
I think it's ladybirder or chaffinch who will be most jealous though.
It's me ... swoon;-) Just for his knowledge of course!
Thought it was you, he is an attractive chap, intelligent, and just keep saying puffling.....
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//Thought it was you, he is an attractive chap, intelligent, and just keep saying puffling.....//

I know I am ;-)
Goes without saying Melv of course;-)

I can't remember who Chaffinch liked Rowan, perhaps it was Iolo as well?
She threatened to fight me for Martin Hughes Games.
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Now then girls, we don't want to get all in a dither, do we?;-)
LOL. I hope she's OK.
Miss her on the birding threads
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I was astonished when he stated that over 42 million pheasants are bred and released in the UK every year! That could be another reason why there's a dearth of wild birds in the country....too much competition for food.
Most of them commit suicide in front of cars rather than waiting to be shot. They are huge grain eaters and may be contributory to the loss of corncrakes from otherwise suitable habitats.
Pheasants released are subsequently fed.
Otherwise they wander off making it pointless to have released them.
Until the end of the season I would guess, they do wander off though. Not the brightest birds.
Best efforts are made not to leave too many....
Have always liked him. Comes across really well: enthusiastic, intelligent and very well-informed. Nothing at all annoying about him, unlike so many presenters on TV these days.
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The pheasants that are run over also feed birds of prey, which the gamekeepers and shooters despise.
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Bliss On Weds Evening...

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