Are Pool Chemicals To Keep The Water Clean And Clear Harmful To Dogs?

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Postdog | 21:32 Mon 30th Jul 2018 | Animals & Nature
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That's it basically. Given the hot weather, I decided to buy them a pool to swim in, rather than walk them. Mrs is a bit concerned the chemicals will do more harm than good, but I reckon they'd be OK.


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I would expect that anything acceptable to humans will be acceptable for other mammals.
^^^chocolate and dogs, for example? (The toxic part being theobromine)
Do you have to put chemicals in?
I'm guessing you're buying a large paddling pool, rather than have a permanent one dug into your garden.
We have a large pool and use chlorine tablets in a little floating dispenser which keeps the water clean for the few weeks we need it. You need to test regularly that the levels are right but our dogs go in, although only one stays in for any length of time, and no harm has come to them.
no or yes they are safe

if in doubt - ring up the manufacturer - BUT - the chlorine tablets just release ( small amounts of ) novichok - no no Chlorine, ( mind wandering) which come out as cl-.
the same stuff as in salt.

The only issue for human pools is that kids wee in the pool and this reacts with chlorine to give NH2Cl - which is an eye irritant.

chuck the dogz in and let them do what they want
I don't put them in the dogs paddling pool I just fill that up every couple of days but every swimming pool we've ever had the dogs have swum in to no ill effects.
Yes perfectly safe ( as long as they don't eat /drink them) . If they were harmful to dogs, they would be harmful to humans as well!
PP.....NH4CL...........5th form chemistry?

You would have to have a fair old pee in a swimming pool to provide enough NH4CL to irritate the eyes.
yeah or no

in the 6th form (yup sixf form) you get to NH2Cl

and the new entry since I did first MB is cyanogen chloride ( NCCl) - oo er certainly didnt do that at A level

anyway I think you sqad for pointing out these piddling errors ( ter daah - from the BMJ 1976)
// The only issue for human pools is that kids wee in the pool . . . //

reminds me of when a 10 year old boy came home crying and told his father that the attendant at the swimming pool had hit him round the ear. The father went straight down to the pool and confronted the attendant. "Why did you hit my boy?" he asked. "Because he weed in the pool," replied the attendant. " Oh, come on . . . all kids do that!!" said the father. " Yes," said the attendant,"but your boy was standing on the 5 metre diving board at the time!"
LOL ^^^^
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Passed my vet today and popped in to ask. They asked a vet hydro centre who advised on chemical levels to be tested each day and within certain levels. Sorted.
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Are Pool Chemicals To Keep The Water Clean And Clear Harmful To Dogs?

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