There Is A National Shortage Of Live Mealworms ...

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ladybirder | 10:56 Wed 13th Jun 2018 | Animals & Nature
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I am led to believe. My usual supplier, Live Foods Direct, who it appears provides them to most of the country, is having problems. I've also tried WigglyWigglers, RSPB, Twootz, who are all out of stock. I could buy dried ones and soak them but I prefer live if possible. So can anybody help with a supplier who has them in stock please? I want to buy in 500g to 1kg amounts. Thank you.


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I'd not know, but couldn't you have something else on your toast ?
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Have you tried any of the shops that sell spiders and tarantulas.I seem to remember that they sold mealworms when we had our tarantula. You may have one in your area.
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Thanks you all for your answers (even OG;-) ). The trouble is it is Live Foods Direct who breed the worms sold to the shops you mention. There really is a national shortage. I have been trying for a couple of hours today with no luck so it might have to be soaked dried ones until the live ones become available again. What a bummer - the worst time of the year for this to happen!
Ant larvae are popular with our feathered friends. If you have any nests open them with spade and collect the eggs with a dustbpan and brush. Put them in water to separate them from the ants
Ant eggs not larvae
/// There really is a national shortage.///

I'm surprised nobody's blamed Brexit yet. The worm has turned ;-)
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Pets at home have them in stock, silly money though but they deliver.
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Thanks for the suggestion Rowan but too expensive and I'd have to pay for delivery. £2.75 for 40g is ridiculous. The good thing is I seem to be having a breathing space at the moment as there is only one fledgling Robin about at the moment. The worms should be available again in a couple of weeks and perhaps there will be more fledglings by then. xx
A pint or two of maggots from a fishing shop will tide you through. Keep them in the fridge so they don't develop.
As this link goes to a US website, it appears to be a worldwide problem:
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Wow that's interesting Chris, I didn't know it was worldwide. How odd. I could have bought some from Germany yesterday but they weren't the Tenebrio molitor which I usually get so I didn't buy any.
Thanks Shoota, I keep mealworms in the fridge and feed them apple, carrot and some dry feed specially for them. I'm not sure about maggots as advice is mixed. I'll do a bit of research. Do they smell?
>>> I'm not sure about maggots as advice is mixed. I'll do a bit of research. Do they smell?

I'm no expert here but anglers have sometimes shown me their bait and I've never noticed any great smell coming from them. (I've also had, on more than one occasion, to clear up loads of maggots that careless anglers have spilt on trains. Again, I can't recall any smell).

I think that the smell that's associated with maggot farms comes from what they feed on, rather than from the maggots themselves. I once got talking to the owner of the world's largest maggot farm. (It's amazing who you can meet in Cambridge pubs). I asked him if the smell was as bad as I thought it would be. His answer was "No. However bad you think it might be, it's far, far worse than that!"

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// I once got talking to the owner of the world's largest maggot farm. \\
Only you Chris, only you.
Maggots don't smell if they are kept in bran and when they do pupate the birds like them just as much.
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Rowan I still have a few mealworms left in my fridge so am putting fewer of them out each day hoping to get through the shortage that way. Don't ask me why but I've decided I can't bring myself to have maggots in the fridge.
the little birds devoured Maxie's dish yesterday out in the sun - bless them must have been 10s of them - they ate the dog food, dry food and of course I usually leave Maxie a bit of roast beef. The birds cleaned the plate.

Now i would leave food out for the birds but am terrified of attracting rats
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JJ why put your dog's food outside in the hot sun? Or even when it's not hot. It's unhygenic for a start as flies will have been all over it. My dog clears his food in 10 seconds flat but the cat doesn't, so as soon as he walks away from it I cover it over with a mesh cover so that flies that come into the house can't settle on it. I do hope you'll think about what I've said.

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There Is A National Shortage Of Live Mealworms ...

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