Springwatch - Wrong Info.

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10ClarionSt | 20:25 Tue 12th Jun 2018 | Animals & Nature
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On Springwatch tonight, the girl with the orange jacket on, said they were broadcasting just a short distance from the most southerly point of mainland Britain, Lands End. Oh dear! Wouldn't you think the BBC would know just a little bit about the geography of this country? There are other locations in Cornwall that are more southerly than Lands End, but the most southerly part of mainland Britain, as everyone knows, is Lizard Point.


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"as everyone knows".....well, obviously, not everyone....
Question Author
If the BBC doesn't know that, when they're broadcasting from the area, it makes you wonder dunnit? Anyway, I knew someone would answer with your response, ginge! ;o)

You is correct, been there many times, love it.
Question Author
Me too Baldric. That foghorn takes some getting used to though! BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!
I don't see the error - Lands End is just a short distance from the most southerly point.
I have little or no confidence in that particular presenter - she seems to parrot what she is given with little or no personal input/knowledge and is prone to mispronouncing many very obvious animal names and wildlife terms.

I hate to say it, but it looks very much like her appointment was a desperate attempt to tick some equality boxes.
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The error is about 8 miles, Canary. Do you fancy walking it?
So why not say Lizard Point then, Canary - I think it was sloppy script writing and a presenter out of her depth?
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I think you're right Dave. And I think it happens a lot these days.

She specified the most southerly point was Lands End, it is not.
This one of those things which I can easily get wrong but then, when told the correct answer, I find myself saying "Oh, yes, of course it is!"

i.e. I suspect that if, out of the blue, you'd have asked me for the most southerly point of mainland Britain, I would probably have replied with "Land's End" but, as soon as you'd pointed out that it's actually Lizard Point, I'd have kicked myself and said "Oh, of course!"

Incidentally, remembering that Land's End is the most westerly point of England, having just been reminded that Lizard Point is the most southerly and knowing that Lowestoft is the most easterly ('cos I live in Suffolk!), I got to thinking about where the most northerly point in England is and, having just googled it, I was amazed to find that I'd never heard of it!

So how many people here would know the answer in a quiz?
After loving Springwatch for so long she really grates on me, Dave...

I don't know if she was the reason for the lovely Martin to leave or whether it was his choice...but I'd love to see him back..x
Not a place I know either Buenchico.
Question Author
I knew that lands End was the most westerly, and Lowestoft the most easterly, but Marshall Meadows Bay? Sounds like something out of Neighbours! Who was Marshall Meadows, anyway? And I never watch Neighbours! Honest! Honest! Honest! :o)
Three honests?! I think you protest too much,10C.... ;-)
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Thanks Baldric. Although it's a 35 mile drive between the two, The Lizard is about 8 miles further south.
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I don't! I don't! Honest! Honest! :o)

To be fair Mate that is not an 8 miles I would want to walk.
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It'd be a doddle for a Royal Marine Commando like you Baldric! I only said it to emphasize the distance.

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Springwatch - Wrong Info.

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