Springwatch - Wrong Info.

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10ClarionSt | 20:25 Tue 12th Jun 2018 | Animals & Nature
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On Springwatch tonight, the girl with the orange jacket on, said they were broadcasting just a short distance from the most southerly point of mainland Britain, Lands End. Oh dear! Wouldn't you think the BBC would know just a little bit about the geography of this country? There are other locations in Cornwall that are more southerly than Lands End, but the most southerly part of mainland Britain, as everyone knows, is Lizard Point.


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Baldric can walk on water:-)

I guess I could get the Speedos on and have a go ;o)
Question Author
I can't bear the thought of that Baldric!
No budgie smuggling, now.;-)
Oh, Baldric...the ones you were wearing last week were so much nicer...... ;-)

Shush!, you promised not to tell :o(
Question Author
I never thought my flabber would be so ghasted!
I know, Baldric....but I was so tickled I couldn't resist!... ;-)

Fairy nuff, a good tickling is often worthwhile.
What I find annoying is the way the presenters have to say something really falsely exciting about the last article we’ve just seen.
The lady in the river / watching the water voles was the most relaxed and knowledgeable. Quite attractive too.
Question Author
A little bit of nature kicking in there, Zacs? :o)
I don't like this new presenter. Something about her voice grates on me. I now record Springwatch and fast forward her bits.
I read somewhere that Cornwall was her home county. Think she should know more about it then.
Miss Martin.Those three made a good team. Trust BBC to ruin it.
Springwatch is one of my favourite programmes. I highly regard all of the presenters, particularly the newbies, :-) each one of them sharing their passion for the subject, and delivering to us, unbelievable footage of amazing wildlife, that could not have been thought possible, just some years previously. Keep it up, BBC. This programme is more than worth the licence fee. ♡
For the benefit of someone who hasn't seen it but has read an article about a new presenter, is "the girl with the orange jacket on" the black one?

Yours, not on tippy toes...........
While we are getting over excited about someone making a small error, can I point out that 10 Clarion Street says everybody knows Lizard Point is the most southerly point of mainland Britain. Quite clearly not everybody does.
My dream team would be Chris, Iolo, and Lis Bonnin and David Lindo, ticks most of the boxes and they all know what they are talking about. Sorry Martin love you to bits but you are not as convincing or authoritative.
Vey rarely watch BBC but we have watched Springwatch and must admit we have been really irritated by Michaela Strachan and her co-presenter. Why on earth did they dress up as people from Lord of the rings, which was cringeworthy, or try to list as many Madonna titles into their commentary. We want to see the animals and the birds not waste time listening to those two idiots. The other presenters all just got on with their jobs and were great. More Springwatch and less of those two please.

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Springwatch - Wrong Info.

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