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B00 | 23:25 Fri 20th Apr 2018 | Animals & Nature
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Gary joins the Boo household in 3 weeks time! I'm very very excited, been a loooooooong time since we've had a pup in the house :-)


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Gary's a nice looking pup, B00. What breed is he.
Aww I love him. so so cute
Question Author
He's a Chihuahua/ jack russell and a little terror. He was busy chomping on his sisters nose when we met him
Ah, is that his mother behind him in the pic then, B00 ?.
He looks a character B00, you'll all have fun.x
What will the queen cat think of this little interloper?

He's a cutie by the way.
Thats the nodder for the parcel shelf of the camper van sorted...
Aww. Very cute!
He looks cute but he is an odd mix of breeds. Do you still have your BITladydogCH ??
Ah, what a little beauty.
We've met him before.......

What a lovely little fella !
Sqad, that's one of my husband's favourite clips! He's obsessed with OFAH.
Boo.......Just taken a bollocking from Mrs Sqad who thinks he is lovely and she would have done the same on putting a photograph on AB.
However, don't get too excited as she thinks I'M lovely too ;-)
Yep he looks just like a Gary;-).
Question Author
Morning all, sorry I didnt reply again last night, I had to go to bed with a raging alcoholic headache, lol.

Tony- yeah that's his mum behind him, she was a proper mush wanting cuddles off us, which we (hopefully!) took to be an indication that his temperament will be good.

Pasta- the cat will hate him, but we're not that concerned, she hates the rest of us anyway, so I doubt we'll notice a difference!

Wolfy- not sure what you're asking? Do we still have our other dog?? If that's a yes, the answer is sadly no ,we don't. We had to have Missy put down a few weeks ago. She got terribly ill and the vet had no idea what was wrong, she went downhill so fast we decided that having her PTS was the kindest option.

Sqad- Tell Mrs Sqad he IS lovely, mind you aren't all puppies cute as buttons anyway?

Ladybirder- yep, he sure looks like a Gary doesn't he? LOL

I'm sorry to hear about Missy, but you are having a baby - and that is terribly exciting.
Oh my what a cutie x
I want one!

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