Budgies Travelling In Car

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yogi-bear | 16:17 Mon 15th Jan 2018 | Animals & Nature
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Afternoon everyone

I wonder if any of you can help....I am getting 2 lovely young green/yellow budgerigars tomorrow afternoon and have to pick them up from a place about half an hour- 40 mins drive from our home....not too keen to transport them in their large cage, in case they hurt themselves or fall off perches whilst thinking to put them in seperate shoe boxes, with air holes all round....with/without soft cloth for them to be you think this will be okay, with cloth or without or have you any ideas what i can use?

We used to have a pet budgie many years and used a shoe box, when had to transport eg: vets etc but can I use anything more comfortable for these two budgies?

All answers are greatly appreciated...thanks


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i would just seatbelt the cage in
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I personally wouldn't put them in shoe boxes, I feel this may scare them. The above post makes sense and just drive very carefully.
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Hi bednobs

And I can take off the perches and swings etc in case they go on them whilst I'm driving and hurt themselves?....that's an idea...thanks :-)

I too would keep them in a cage with a light cloth over to reduce any strobe effect from light changing as you drive.

Also whistle softly as you go :-) x
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Thanks for advice and link, spath

Thankyou, hereiam, for your advice too.
No soft cloth - their claws get caught up in it.

All flying birds can hold on to swaying branches and perches and budgies are no different. Secure the cage the best you can and drive steadily. They'll be fine.
Oh, as already mentioned, cover the cage.
Shops normally have boxes to transport.
Just on a lighter note it reminded me of The Birds film where the two lovebirds were seen to lean on a side when the car cornered.
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Thanks Mamya....I'll be driving like Miss Daisy, but slower.....probably will pee a few drivers off.....and me whistling and chirping is definitely on the cards, my lovely :-) x
Do you have name for your 2 new birds Yogi? Good luck getting them home x
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Thanks hc :-)...good advice too

Cheers Dave....The Birds is such a great film....haven't seen it in years now.
The Birds is such an annoying film - no explanation for why they arrived, why they left or what their motive was.
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Hi mazie,.

Our youngest daughter thinks Lemon and Lime..because of their colouring..they are two males, buddies since birth and inseparable .. that's why I am buying both not to split them up...perhaps Starsky and Hutch....any ideas?
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Isn't it something to do with the earth axis going *** up..and affects The Birds?..might not be, hc....but still Hitchcock on top form.
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T 1 ts ^ :-)
Birds swing on branches in high winds so they should be OK.
Rodney and Del Boy ?
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Thankyou all, very much, for your valued you said....will seatbelt cage on passenger seat, as tight as i can....cover the cage with a cloth, and attempt to sing to them, to make them drop off! :-)

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Budgies Travelling In Car

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