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sex goddess | 15:26 Wed 13th Sep 2017 | Animals & Nature
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In the small community that I live in we have three foxes who come sniffing around during the day, they show no fear, my problem is the pooping all over the place, does anyone know of anything that I can do to deter them.


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An old wives tale (no idea if it works) is to get a gentleman friend to urinate round the border of the property.
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thank you , I will get him indoors to oblige, it won't help to try.
Ditto Barmaid's advice. I never understood why the Army officer a Vicar I shared this advice with both declined to follow it though.....
The RHS website basically says that you should learn to live with them:

Just think of them as free source of fertiliser ;-)
not great if you want to have your children playing in your garden, though, Buenchico, whatever the RHS says.

We didn't find Barmaid's suggestion worked but maybe you need to do it every day in a rainy climate?
I read that hair cuttings, because of the human smell, scattered around, works.
A visit to your local salon?
I would never want to hurt them but am very happy for foxes to live elsewhere a long way away from me. They run from garden to garden at night screaming and their poo has one of the world's worst smells and can cling to dog fur (or human skin :( ) for days. They don't come into my garden because I have got two large dogs. I am very careful to keep all food refuse sealed. If the foxes are that tame, can I suggest that you keep a hose or powerful water pistol handy and use it to encourage them to go elsewhere?
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Thanks to you all for your suggestions, trying the urine first, will keep you posted

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