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photoluka | 14:07 Mon 24th Oct 2005 | Animals & Nature
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Does anyone know how much it costs roughly to get someone to fit a cat flap to glass patio door. Would like to have a rough idea so i dont get ripped off by a double glazing salesman!



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We had a Cat flap fitted into our back door. The door itself is double glazed from top to bottom. The glazier just replaced the existing glass with a new one which had the cat flap incorporated into it which of course they put in to our height specifications.

According to the glazier this is something they do all the time - which is just as well as there was now way I was going to attempt such a thing. It cost us around �250 (not including the cat flap). I recommend the flaps made by Staywell. Best of luck.

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�250!! Is there not a cheaper way. Cant a glazer cut a hole in the exisiting sheet of glass?
It seems unlikely: double glazing has two bits of glass, with a vaccum inbetween. If you cut out a section for a catflap then the air will get in and defeat the point in double glazing, eg. sound will be able to get in and heat will get out much more easily. Although I have no idea to be truthful, so don't take my word for it.

Hi photoluka,  also be aware that most patio doors are not fitted with ordinary glass which breaks into large dangerous pieces, but either toughened glass (as per older cars) which breaks into very small pieces or laminated glass with plastic in between two glass sheets. 

toughened glass cannot be cut once it has been processed and laminated glass is not easy to work with once installed.

i had a cat flap fitted about four years ago, they replace one half of my patio door with cat flap fitted. costed about �160
We had a whole new pane done in our french window with the hole cut in (they have to cut the hole before they temper the glass). It cost �200.

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