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Chipchopper | 17:32 Tue 04th Jul 2017 | Animals & Nature
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I have a small area on my lawn reserved for wildflowers, while doing some watering close by, at about 5pm, I was astonished to see a MARBLED WHITE BUTTERFLY.
I watched it for some time as it visited lesser knapweed flowers.
For me, it was a first and well worth the 3 year wait, since planted the wildflowers!


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Nice one Chips. I the butterflies are sure of a continuation of supply they will lay nearby.
19:09 Tue 04th Jul 2017
Lucky you, a very pretty butterfly.

Some nice photos on this link, click to enlarge.
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Thanks Mamyalynne, good link!
Pretty indeed, I hope it will return.
Nice one Chips. I the butterflies are sure of a continuation of supply they will lay nearby.
Having a lovely day indeed, Chip!

I have four Red Admirals and one Cabbage White, I think, winked as it passed through my garden......

Long ago days when gardens were full of butterflies...... would love to see that many again.....x
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It seems many species are down by about 70% but those that are surviving appear to be spreading further north.
I think that growing suitable food plants for them must help a lot.

Growing food for them is a must, Chip....some are declining dramatically....

Not really a butterfly but when I go to Rutland Water there is a field often full of Chimney Sweeper moths.....a joy to watch....x
Ta Chip, don't let a butterfly flutter bye.
stacks here as to the abundant flowers that we have in our fields, what seems to be really down though are the bees (a few around) and definitely the wasps. Plenty of horse-flies, the basstards that those are when it comes to blood meals.
As a child I remember seeing quite a variety of butterflies. Cabbage whites, Common blue, Red admirals, Orange ones, little red ones, and I'm sure others! This was all in our garden.
Sounds lovely Chip, well done on all your hard work.
Well done chips. I've done the same and get lots of butterflies and the budleiah (butterfly bush) really brings them in. If everyone would let a few so called weeds grow we'd have a lot more wildlife.

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Yay, I'm Doing Well Today

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