Where Can I Neuter My Pet Penguin

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Benisbooper1 | 16:25 Mon 08th May 2017 | Animals & Nature
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i recently got a pet penguin and i want to neuter him before his hormones kick in, and he starts to get aggressive. please help. Thanks!


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I would start down below.
Take him back to Antarctica and ask a local vet to do it.
Any good Chocolatier would help.

Did you get him to keep the Polar Bear company?
Don't neuter him take him back home where he can be happy with his own kind and have fluffy penguin babies...Poor thing being kidnapped to foreign territory where an assault on his manhood is being planned.

Tesco do it now for £11.99.

"Every little helps!"
Just don't try to p-p-p-p-ick it up
-- answer removed --
Try the PDSA (Penguin De-Sexing Agency)
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never mind everyone. i watched a youtube video on how to do it on a cat. i have a pretty good idea on how to do it.
Why don't Polar bears eat penguins?
They can't get the silver paper off!
( as well as the fact that Polar bears live in the Arctic and penguins live in the Antarctic)
Just don't make him into a pusseh.
If it's a 'transgender' penguin it may be neutered already!
Pedantry alert! Penguins are flow-wrapped in plastic.
It can only be done in the Falklands as penguin castration must involve a Stanley knife.
This has brought back happy memories of the bad tempered swan thread.

Thos were the days......
This could be a whole new ball game.
If it's a hermaphrodite you'll need to do a double procedure.
You just need an elastic band. And a very good friend.

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Where Can I Neuter My Pet Penguin

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