U.r.g.e.n.t. Recall On Ava Cat Food From Pets At Home

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wolf63 | 18:57 Tue 28th Feb 2017 | Animals & Nature
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This is a recall notice for dried food from the Ava range - I believe that it an own brand food for Pets at Home.

I have read (somewhere) that two cats had died and others may have died as a result of this food. There is no scientific proof of a link to this food.

Do you think that this may be some sort of conspiracy to reduce the numbers of cats?


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It seems simply that just three cats have been affected by a lack of Vitamin B1 in the product (and they're all recovering).

So the product is in no way 'poisonous'. It's simply that a prolonged diet of the stuff isn't going to provide all of the vitamins which cats need.

(I'm still mystified as to what caused all of my ginger moggie's epileptic fits last year. It was obviously a dietary problem but I couldn't pin it down exactly. All I know is that, by sticking to Lidl's own brand cat foods, he's not had a fit for over 20 weeks now).
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I read it on the Pets at Home FB page whilst reading the comments. Some posters were saying that their cats had died or become ill after eating it. There were accusations that the food was made in China and that was disputed by PaH. Fearing for my sanity I didn't read all the comments.

For your ginger ninja 20 weeks without fits is a long time. He may have eaten something strange when out for a stroll.

My two have gone up to bed and I think that I may join them. I can play scrabble on my tablet.

Are you anywhere near Huddersfield? Felix is the senior pest controller at the station - she has her own FB page and her biography was released earlier this week. She was on Good Morning Britain the other day - she is beautiful.
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I actually thought that putting fullstops after each letter would ensure that it would be in capital letters.

I hope that there are no AB moggies eating this food.

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U.r.g.e.n.t. Recall On Ava Cat Food From Pets At Home

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