I Have Two Cats, Aged 8 And 9. Need Help With Care

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Quizproquo | 00:34 Wed 23rd Nov 2016 | Animals & Nature
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Hi all,
I have reached a stage where I am considering rehoming my cats because I worry about affording them.
Just to be clear, I could easily afford them to begin with but life got in the way, so as they get older they are going to need more care and I have nothing spare financially.
What in your opinion is the best way to get them vaccinated and insured so I can relax a little. I've heard there are lifetime vaccination programmes available and if you have any experience of these I'd be grateful.
Thank you.


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I've never had any of my cats vaccinated and so far (fingers crossed here!) none of them have ever had any problems which could have been prevented by vaccinations (except, possibly, for one cat who caught cat flu, which just lasted for a few days anyway). They're not insured either.

Of course I worry about them but, like you, I find that my finances aren't great. (With an annual income of around £8000, just feeding four cats hits my wallet quite badly!).

This might help you though:

Depending upon your location and circumstances, you might also be eligible for help from the PDSA:
(Note that you should register your pets with PDSA BEFORE they need veterinary treatment).
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The trouble is Buenchico, you can't insure them unless they are fully vaccinated and up to date. I too have chosen not to vaccinate them. They have never had worms, fleas or been ill but they are getting old now and I have been offered help with insurance but the cost of vaccination might prohibit that.
Thanks for the links, I'll check them out
Question Author
I'm not eligible for PDSA help and I have had enormous vet bills in the past so it's not the risk of them catching preventable diseases I am worried about, it's the risk of abscesses, ticks, kidney failure and all the other reasons I've lost cats in the past. The
vets4pets link looks interesting. Thank you
i have recently given up insurance on my 19 year old cat as it was simply too expensive. However, when i had insurance, it was never a condition that he was fully vaccinated

//(With an annual income of around £8000//

Blimey.......not easy to manage on that......why only that after being in the teaching profession?

Like Buenchico...known of our cats have been vaccinated and we are not insured. So far no problems over 25-30 years of cat ownership. Cats manage their illnesses quite well....abscesses tend to resolve without vet antibiotics and when they develop old age disorders e.g kidney problems, diabetes, it is time to have then put down.
We all have to die sometime.

Its not actually true that you can’t get insurance if you don’t vaccinate. Petplan, at least, just say that if you don’t vaccinate and get annual dental checks, then you aren’t covered for the vaccinatable diseases or for dental issues, but you will still be covered for other if you are still wanting insurance but not to vaccinate, check the T and C’s.
Your local Cat's Protection branch may be able to offer some help, perhaps being willing to take them in should you at some point be unable to afford to treat them, in which case you could keep them for the foreseeable future and hope that nothing happens to require them to be rehomed. If you know the option is there if you need it, that might make your life easier:
Vets4Pets vaccinate dogs just once and it lasts all their lives. Do you have one near you who may possibly do the same for cats ?
Yes it its true, my friend takes her dog there.
It is true, my friend takes her dog there.
Oops thought first post hadn't gone.
well that’s not what their website say.....are you sure its not a scheme where you pay once for a lifetime’s vaccinations?
I'll check with her.
My two are on Vaccines for Life under my local vets, Campbell went on it as soon as it became available (she was about 3) and Robbie has had it from kittenhood (he's now 10). What's good is that you don't have to pay for the annual check-up that goes alongside it, so it's more than paid for itself. The vet told me it was regarded as a loss leader to get you in, and are now not offering it to any new clients. They've never had insurance, so I have had to fork out for an operation for Robbie when he managed to slice his side open on wire . Luckily he's a very small cat, so the bill wasn't too drastic (about £350)
Yes, I got it wrong that the vaccine lasts all their lives, BUT you only pay £99 and then that's it for the rest of the cat/dog's life. You're a nitpicker woofgang !!
From the vets4pets website: "Remember that to maintain the protection throughout your dog’s life, they will need to have an annual booster vaccination." What outdated rubbish! It is common knowledge that vaccinations last for years if not for life and most don't need repeating, and the protocol for many vets is now every three years. Titre testing is a valid alternative to check to see if your pets are covered.

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