Why Do Flies Attack You Once They've Been Sprayed With Fly Spray?

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Olivio | 13:20 Sat 06th Aug 2016 | Animals & Nature
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They usually avoid you like the plague but once sprayed they try to dive bomb you from every angle I've noticed.

What exactly does the fly spray do to them? Makes them hallucinate?


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It's a nerve agent disrupting signals that normally control their movements.
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I'd much prefer something that killed them dead in their tracks. Something like liquid nitrogen. Can this be obtained legally over the counter in a spray or is there any other fly sprays that kill immediately?
No and no.
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douglas9401 are you telling me that only nerve agents for flies that maim, torture and kill are available but nothing can kill them on the spot? I hate flies with a passion but don't want to violently hurt them and put them in pain before death when a swift death was available.

I just wish I had the money, time and chemistry experience to try and come up with one that was more humane.

They are pests and dirty but they "tell us" when our houses are dirty or when waste or bits of waste are festering somewhere. Natures cleaners I believe is the term.
I think I'll bid you good day.
If somebody squirted me with fly spray I'd attack them as well.
Get a fly swatter, once you get the 'knack' of it you can kill them instantly. Flies do not have the type of nervous system that can feel pain as humans and animals can. Killing them can not cause 'suffering' or pain as you seem to think.
I find flies attack me anyway! I'm often sitting quietly on the settee reading or on my laptop and one will fly in and pester the life out of me !
It's called revenge!!

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Why Do Flies Attack You Once They've Been Sprayed With Fly Spray?

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