Dental Hygiene For Dogs.

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anneasquith | 13:35 Fri 05th Aug 2016 | Animals & Nature
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My 8 yeafr old dog has smelly breath , a bit of tartar ( that I can see) no change in feeding, he's well and active. Any recommendations for a product I could use ? TIA .


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Anne I would get the vet to remove the tartar as it can lead to gingivitis. Not a nice look;-)
Add some apple cider vinegar to his drinking water. It's a fermented product and works similarly to probiotics
Book your dog in for a 'dental' with the vet - the vet nurse usually does it, and it gets the whole thing sorted in one go.
If your dog is good natured it would be worth trying to clean his teeth every day with doggy toothpaste.

I tried it out on my rescue hound and it started well - but then one day he decapitated the toothbrush (I got it before he swallowed it).

I was too afraid of him eating it and it getting stuck to keep up the routine.

Vets do with this type of problem every day - at least you have noticed that there is something wrong before it gets too bad.

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Visit to vets I thi k, I feel so guilty, I'm strict with his feeding, mostly dry food no human tit bits :'(
Bad Mother ?

Dogs do get smelly breath as they get older, try some natural breath remedies.
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Islay, he's just let me look at his back teeth........its tartar :-(
mine get some kind of hardish dried meaty chew every day...cow noses or lips or ears mainly...They can’t have pig ones which are cheaper as one is allergic to pork. Their base food is dry but they do get cooked human food and I share mine with them if is stuff they can have. Their teeth are sparkling and breath sweet (well except when they eat poo) I have never cleaned the teeth of any dog i have had and they have all had clean healthy teeth. I do think its to do with breed so some extent and mouth conformation to a greater extent.

I know it's no help, but I thought you might enjoy this
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Woof he gets a chew daily and dentstix x 3 weekly
I allow mine bones once a week, they get fresh veggies wet food and dried, and so far no problems.
anne i don’t think dentastix do any good at all :(

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Dental Hygiene For Dogs.

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