Cats Meow Changed

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RandyMarsh | 11:42 Mon 01st Aug 2016 | Animals & Nature
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pops had his booster injections last week and has since developed a rather pathetic meow.

Will this pass?, do i ignore it or worry?


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Phone your vet and ask. I know that when cats get older their meow can change for various reasons. I tried Googling your query and there were tons of anecdotal tales of things happening to cats after vaccinations.

How old is he? My two idiots are eleven and just starting to slow down.

'Pete the vet' on facebook sometimes answers queries about animals - he is nice.

Pops? You said Lola! i bet its something girly like Cuddles. ;-)

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He was called lola when we got him but now he is called pop pop.

I will call the vet now, thanks
It can make them a bit off for a while but should pass. Keep an eye on him and if same after a couple of days, ring Vet. I took my 7 year old cat for his booster last Wednesday, and he has a big lump of fur missing where the injection went in at nape of neck! It's got no worse and I can see hair growing back, so lots of different reactions it seems...
Often a reaction to an injection is about a week later.

I would give it a bit longer, and I think he will bounce back - particularly if the weather cools a bit.
poor pops. phone the vet if in any doubt. murph has a collection of meows depending on what she wants for me, for ages i thought the little boy next door was shouting for his mum until i caught her in action....
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Thanks team, this is what the vet said as well.
Steve has a pathetic meow. She goes Me e e e e e e ow.

She can meow properly when I stand on her!!
Mollie had a very loud meow when she was a kitten but since she was spayed she only has a squeak and sometimes not even that!

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Cats Meow Changed

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