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ladybirder | 09:51 Wed 08th Jun 2016 | Animals & Nature
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Tonight @ 8pm Ch.4 a new Series of 3 episodes called Rescue Dog to Super Dog. It is a series pairing dogs from rescue centres around the UK with six people with disabilities. Aided by two of the country's top dog trainers, the aim is to transform the canine companions into disability helper dogs in 12 weeks. The first edition meets 26-year-old Emily, who has narcolepsy and cataplexy, meaning she can collapse up to 30 times a day, and desperately wants a dog to guard her when she passes out in the street. Meanwhile, Alan, who has Tourette's, wants a dog to support him during his tic attacks, which sometimes leave him hospitalised.
The reason I mention woofgang's name is that one of the country's top dog trainers mentioned is Jo-Rosie Haffenden, the dog psychiatrist I have used and woof and I have discussed in a previous post.
Should be a good watch I hope so anyway.


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It was a marvellous programme. At first OH was a bit disturbed about dogs being tied to difficult lives, but then it became clear that they had no other future and that they were thoroughly enjoying their lives as helper-dogs. An inspiring programme, aren't dogs wonderful? What will they be doing in the future?
17:25 Thu 09th Jun 2016
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Jordain I agree, the way Emily's dog reacted when seeing her again for the first time after being taken away for training by Jo-Rosie was really heartwarming. Obviously an enormous bond had already been established in such a short time.
And also Alan, so lost without his dog while it was getting further training. Can't see a down side me!
I thoroughly enjoyed it...couldn't imagine why Dukehad already been in 2 homes. And I almost despaired with lovely Poppy...she was keen but so playful. It was wonderful that both dogs have forever homes now,and can be so useful and great companions at the same time.
My Sally is the first dog I've ever had on my own. It's been six years now,and people stop me and tell me I've done such a wonderful job with her. I feel like I've done little,and am still finding my way with her. Wouldn't be without her.
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Agree paddy.
Usually the idiot owner's fault pasta re Duke and others like him. Those two dogs last night are so lucky. And how lucky is the Pit Bull Terrier with its ears cut in half that Jo-Rosie the trainer took on and is now an example of what a wonderful dog a PBT can be?
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For albaqwerty and anyone else who missed it and would like to watch it it's on again @ 8pm on 4seven this evening.
I forgot about the pit bull and often these animals are vicious because of their upbringing, usually by thugs who want a vicious dog. He was a lovely, happy animal and so well behaved. It was a pleasue to see him with his owner.
Thank you LB I will find it on catch up :)

Pit Bull, you sure it wasn't a Staffie like Roger.

2. Banned dogs, . . .In the UK, it’s against the law to own certain types of dog. These are the Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino & Fila Braziliero.
According to the voiceover when the dog appeared on screen, she said he was a 'registered pit bull'.

Yep, just had a quick look on Catchup, that's a Pit Bull alright, unusual scenario.
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Isn't the "registered" bit important? Asking, not claiming it is.

Yay woofy's seen the thread;-))

Its a pit bull. He is registered on the exempted register, neutered and she must obey the rules about leashes and muzzles
I really enjoyed this and thought the pit bull was a lovely dog, so sad about his ears. I also liked the guy with tourettes too.
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Thanks woofy, thought it was something like that.
Knew you would enjoy it viv.

Nothing to do with the dogs but I was surprised to see Alan, the Tourettes chap, driving, given the way he has no control of his hands when he cups them to his face and wriggles his fingers.
I have to be honest lb, I was shocked when I saw him driving !
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Tourettes is a notifiable condition under DVLA rules so I suppose he has been found OK to drive. He certainly appeared calm and in control when driving the 300 miles from the Borders to Hertfordshire.
I watched this programme last evening, it was heart-warming, a lovely sight to see the dogs doing things to make life better for us humans. xxx
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And vice versa thistles?

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