Is a rescue dog as safe as a puppy?

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simont | 15:03 Tue 04th Oct 2005 | Animals & Nature
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Hi there, mrs simont here,

My husband and I were thinking of getting a dog.  We have both come from families who have had dogs.  Our reasons for wanting one come from the enrichment to family life that dogs bring.  The excuse to be outside more and the pleasure of walking.  My husband is away alot and works long hours and I would feel safer with a dog, esp walking on my own.  I have 5 children ranging from 11 to 1. 

I would really love to get a rescue dog, and do not mind which breed or breed/cross it would be.  i would prefer not to have to go through the puppy trainin g stage at the moment with a tiny toddler crawling around and I think getting a rescue dog would also be a nice thing to do.

My husband wants to get a puppy.  he says that you can never trust a rescue dog as they might lose it when coming into contact with something that might stir a sad memory, unbeknowst to us.  He said a dog with an unknown history would be unsafe to have aroung the children.  I don't think it would matter, and that the rscue home would be able to advise us as to their experience with the dog and it's foster home.

We have many pets, including cat and rabbit and have lots of friends and family with dogs.  I am very strict with my children and would not encourage rough or overstimulated play.  My children are taught to respect animals.

There's the history:  What do you think?  Recue poor doggy and give him a nice loving home, or thourough bred puppy/puppy?


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I would have a look at the following site

They really are the professionals and would help you.  Not all rescue dogs are from bad homes, remember! Some families circumstances change. People die etc...

You can never trust a dog 100% whether you bring it up from young or not. We just got a new Jack Russell puppy over a year ago.  We took her home at 8 weeks she squeaked twice the first night at bedtime. That was the only problem we had with her - so easy.  Before that a Cocker Spaniel that would whimper at the slightest thing. There's no real answer. Use the link above and I hope you have lots of fun with your new family member.

Any good rescue society will allow you a trial period with the dog. The workers will know what dogs ar goodwith children etc. What you can also try is going into local vet offices and asking if they have any dogs that they know of, up for adoption. We gave away a beautiful Lhasa Apso about 6 moths ago (her Mum had a stroke and couldn't keep her) and we have a gorgeous Great Dane up for adoption right now as well. Because the vet office most likely had a good relationship with the pet and the owner they may be able to tell you how good of a match it would be. I am a big fan of rescue dogs and cats. All of the cats I've ever had, and the best dog I ever had were rescued. Give it a try and be flexable, the right dog may not be there yet, you might have to wait.

hello mrs s,    I have two rescue dogs and I can honestly say I would not have had any other. The only specification I asked for was that they were both small dogs as we do not have a big house !!  I got my boy first , and my girl a couple of years later!!  I can understand your husbands' concern that prior to your homing them they may well of been abused and come with bad habits. I think dogs that are not able to be -housed would not be offered for adoption. My two are among the most loyal, loving,well mannered dogs I have had. I would say  go for it !!!

Do not get a dog just yet, you have a 1 year old child, so it would not be a good idea to have a puppy that is likely to be having accidents on the floor that your 1 year old child is crawling around on, an older dog is a bit of an unknown animal, how will it react when the child does pull its ear!! and it will, you cant be watching them every minute of the day, take my advice and wait till the children are a little older, for the childrens and the dogs sake!!
Sorry I dont agree with previous comments, I also have a rescue dog he is brilliant but came with a lot of hangups.
Any rescue animal has a lot of adjusting to do when it comes into your home, large family , big age range and other pets,
If you really want an older dog go for one that is assisted
rehoming , (RSPCA does this) where some thing is known
of its background rather than an 'off the streets' stray.
I dont think I would recommend a puppy either, too many/much
going on,conflicting signals are worse than none at all.

Hi I think I have found my dog!  A small animal sanctuary very local to me.  they have a 2 year old German Shepherd who I have been in to see several times and is just lovely.  She caomes from a home that the rescue centre knew quite alot about and has been seen with playing brilliantly with kids.  The family she came from had a new baby and the mum couldn't cope with looking after/walking a dog and having a baby.  Also, they sadly had some money problems and were evicted and had to rehome to a place where they weren't allowed pets. 

I have seen the dog with my kids, and she really is very calm and patient and not at all bouncy.  She has not really been 'trained', but I plan to do an obedience class with her anyway.  I really think she might be the one.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply to me.  I really value your comments.  I will repost when she is with us and I have the inevitable problems with her asking all you verterens for help.!

Hi, have a look at and see what wonderful beautiful companions await you..... We have a dog from there and I would say she is sweeter and kinder and more loving than any dog I have ever had, good luck X

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