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As a rule I don't agree with people bringing in strays from abroad*. But this was an exceptional dog and he deserved to be saved and taken to a new home.

* this is not because I am cruel and uncaring, but I feel that to prevent feral cats and dogs existing is a much better solution than rescuing some of them. Catch, neuter and release!
Forgot to say Prudie - thanks for posting the link. It was a sweet story.
Just read this on the DM site, lovely lovely heart warming story isn't it?
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Wonderful, just wonderful. What a lovely dog.
That is one gorgeous dog. Hope he has a happy life in Sweden
That's Fab Prudie - thanks for sharing :-) That is one clever hound
Tissues! Wonderful story
You can't beat a good dog.

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What A Lovely Shaggy Dog Story

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