Fox To Stop A Fox Pooing

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MustangLady | 07:58 Thu 31st Jul 2014 | Animals & Nature
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I live in second floor flat at end of a landing. Sometime during the night, a fox comes up stairs and poops on my coir mat directly outside my front door or in corner of walkway underneath my kitchen window. It's on the landing/walkway of my flat and I'm right on end. This happened three times over past couple weeks. Not nice to come out of front door to be confronted with the poo. Definitely a fox as no one on my landing has dog/cat. I'm thinking as the fox pooped exactly same place as before it can smell 'its mark' although I've cleaned the mat/walkway. Can anyone suggest anything I can use to scare/deter fox from leaving its 'poop' outside my door? it must be happening through night as I'm moving around until about 11pm so I'm assuming when there no movement around. Thanks any suggestions.


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Is there room for a bout 60 horses 200 hounds on that that landing ? Failing that hang the mat over the railing that should if not stop it at least make it a tad more difficult for old Reynold.
So it couldn't be a stray cat or dog.

Could you just close the doors?
How apt whiskeryron the name Scoot
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Suppose could be stray cat /dog but not far wooded area/park so assuming fox. There are no doors to close on entrance to flats, just concrete stairway entrance.
Weecalf... not quite enough space for horses/hounds though good suggestion .. lol.
Could a door be put on the entrance?
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Definitely not possible Ratter.. council property! And amongst concrete jungle of similar flats :(
If it is a fox you will smell that very musky fox smell, nothing else smells like a fox.

Take your pick.
I occasionally have a wee message left on my grass and there's no doubt it's from a fox. Strange they would come up the stairs, but urban foxes seem to have no fear. Ron's suggestion looks good.
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Thank you all

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Fox To Stop A Fox Pooing

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