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Kiera | 21:46 Wed 17th Aug 2005 | Animals & Nature
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Have just got two kittens on Monday,  who will be 8 weeks on Friday. They are sisters but one is bigger than the other.  The bigger kitten is litter trained but not the other kitten who thens to mess wherever.

Can anyone give me advice on how to train the kitten to use the litter tray?



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I have had good luck with my cat and when I first got her as a kitten, she had used the litter box before...but what amazed me was that we could move the litter box anywhere, just sit her inside it, show it to her and she would always go there to potty!

My advice would be just to keep your eye on the little one, when it looks like a potty break may be coming or has already gone...take the kitty, sit him in the litter box and show him he's spose to go there....after a while of doing this, cats can cath on and they should start to seek out the litter box.

good luck!

As above, you have to try and 'catch her in the act' and then just pick her up (even if it's in mid flow!) and put her in the litter tray.

She will probably start copying the other one too, mine did, one always caught on slightly slower than the other (bless).

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Thanks.  Will keep an eye on her.
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hi again

Just let you know today the bigger kitten was using the litter tray so I picked the smaller one up and put her near the tray.  She watched the other kitten and then went into the litter tray and did her business.

Excellent, I can`t believe how quickly she learnt on how to use the litter tray, by just copying.

She then used the litter tray again later on her own.

Thanks for your help.

Don't forget to praise her when she uses the box correctly!
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Thanks, I forgot to praise her.  Will remember to do so everytime she uses the litter tray.
Just for a little need to continue on for weeks or months -- just until you see that she is REALLY getting the hang of it.  Also, my kitten didn't cover her poo at first, then she would cover it partially -- finally she did cover it all the way but each time I praised her -- even when she failed miserably!!!  LOL!  They know instinctively what to do -- just takes practice.  Good luck...

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