20Yr Old Cat Missing Sister

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Pickles123 | 12:56 Tue 11th Feb 2014 | Animals & Nature
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I had to put my 20yr old cat down six weeks ago,the brother and her were very close always cuddling each other,although in the day he seems ok,he has become more clingy and very vocal at night,it's at night I have the problem,I give him medication (serene-um)calming tablets but every night since his up at 3am on wards meowing and can pace sometimes.i do shift work so sometimes his on his own more,I don't know whether to get another older cat or two kittens for company,I just want what's best for him,any suggestions please


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He's grieving, pickles - they do, and it's sad to see. Have you had a word with your vet? He's a very old boy himself, it must be very hard for him to understand - he's calling for his sister. I wouldn't get another cat, just give him lots of reassurance - certainly not kittens at this stage, they can be very hard of old-timers to cope with.
..... although, an older quiet cat from a rescue centre could be an idea - how does he get on with other cats (apart from his late sister)?
I certainly wouldn't get another cat. I know that you can buy some type of toy that seems to have a heartbeat,don't know where to buy them.There's a plug in product called Feliway,i know that this can certainly calm various situations.Good luck.
i had the same problem with mine at first but i was lucky as i was not working so would give her a cuddle and she would calm down

i did think about another cat but she was not the friendly type and would probably attack any newcomer to the house
Awww, poor thing. I know it must be heart-breaking to see him miss his sister like that.
I think this is the kind of heartbeat toy CatGirl was mentioning which may help for when you are at work?;ff13=80&ff14=95

We have lost 2 cats over the last couple of years due to old age (24 and 23). When the first one passed away we also had a 2 year old kitten, but also got a 5 month old rescue kitten as it didn't 'feel' right with just the two. The 24 year old didn't really mind the kitten at all and just carried on doing her own thing. I think this is because the kitten had the 2 yr old cat to play with. So perhaps if you are thinking of getting another cat, two young ones together might be a good idea. This way your older cat will have feline company, but the younger ones will run off some steam together. Providing the older cat has a quiet area somewhere for a bit of alone time when needs be.
I understand it may be tough to decide whether or not to get another pet after losing one you loved, and I hope your boy cat starts to get back to himself again soon whatever you decide.
Ps The feliway plug ins are a marvel, they work brilliantly.
All the best

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20Yr Old Cat Missing Sister

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