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APugsLife | 15:53 Fri 24th Jan 2014 | Animals & Nature
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I really want a fishy at the office. I've read loads recently that say a pet in the workplace is good for morale.

Anybody got any ideas of how I can persuade my boss to buy one?


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Try and find out if your boss is into Feng shui? (positive effects on workers, reducing stress levels etc, etc) and he might take the bait?
15:59 Fri 24th Jan 2014
I'm not sure you calling it a 'fishy' is going to help your cause.
Are you planning on getting a full blown aquarium or just a wee goldfish in a bowl?
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Just something simple to look after like a goldfish, or anything cold water and low maintenance. I like the idea of a bowl with a castle inside :)
Try and find out if your boss is into Feng shui? (positive effects on workers, reducing stress levels etc, etc) and he might take the bait?
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yes, I saw that one tilly, not good :-(

APugsLife - You sound like you have fish already at home? What do you have, coldwater or tropical? :-)
Fish are low maintenance, but not zero maintenance. You will still need to feed it, clean out the bowl on a regular basis and make sure someone else will do these tasks when you are on holiday or off sick.

You can get realistic battery operated ones?
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I didn't see that one Tilly2. I've had lots of fish before, most recently paradise fish which lasted 4 years, twice what I told they would!

Peaspeculiars - I think that's definitely the angle I need to take :)
Mini boo's got a bowl with 2 of those in 2sp- she wanted a pet for a room, I compromised and got her those, lol.

They're great!
They were swimming round little bowls in the centre of the tables at a wedding we were at recently. They're very realistic and no hassle at all!
Whatever you do, don't get a parrot. If you call the boss a "c*ck" the parrot will tell him...
I think it's a great idea - Your boss might be worried about any water going on electric equipment, so have a place in mind that you could put them without any 'risk'
Oooh, I've just googled Paradise fish - lovely. If you can only have a cold water tank in the office, I'd definately recommend 'weather loaches' as they can live quite happily in cold water alongside goldfish and they are quite amusing to watch
Good Luck with getting a 'fishy' tank sorted for the office :-)
some years ago, our premises was advised of a water mains "outage" over one weekend, and the workshop staff were advised to make provision; which they did, but the only water container they could find that was (considered) big enough was an old-fashioned sweetie jar.

in the end the water was off for so short a period that they didn't need the water from the jar. so there sate a sweetie jar full of water.

on day 4, a fish appeared in it. nobody ever owned up, but the workshop office then had a pet, which lived for a good 10 years.
Actually, yes - hadn't thought about a fake fishy - that's a better idea.
Please get more than one, then it won't be lonely.
I've stopped buying my 15+ aged goldfish companions viv- he (or she) just ate 'em :-(
But if she gets two together at the same time, that might work BOO.
goldfish really need plenty of room as they are meant to grow quite big. A traditional fish-bowl is totally unsuitable as housing. Even a bucket is better.

You might want to consider 8 or 10 White cloud mountain minnows which will be happy in a fairly small aquarium with some plants - no heater needed in an office. White clouds are cheap, only grow to 4cm and are always on the move. The males frequently show off to each other, showing off the red fins and white edges to their 'target', making for interesting viewing.

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