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auditt | 09:27 Sun 24th Jul 2005 | Animals & Nature
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While out walking the dog on the heathlands where I live, I have often seen what looks like a funnelweb spider's web..there seem to be quite a few around now that I am looking out for them.

The web is long and funnel like with a quite large not very pleasant looking spider sitting inside the funnel, the spider looks brownish and large.

The heathlands are totally wild and at the moment very dry due to the weather so that is probaly why they are so easy to see.

What spider is this please???


Kind regards.Auditt


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Are you in the UK? If so, it could be any of these:

House Spider (Tegeneria domestica)
Cobweb Spider (Tegeneria gigantea)
Cardinal Spider (Tegeneria parientina)
Yard Spider (Tegeneria agrestis)

Have a look at the pictures here:

and some more detailed photos here:

Hope this helps
could it be a trapdoor spider?
No. Trapdoor spiders don't make webs. They have a burrow in the ground with and hinged lid (trapdoor). They are also not native to the UK. I am assuming that Auditt is from the UK of course.
Trapdoor spider info here: htm

There's a heath spider that makes a funnel-like web called  Agelena Labyrinthica. Have a look here:

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funnelweb spider

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