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Barmaid | 21:26 Tue 16th Jul 2013 | Animals & Nature
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You may recall I posted a question here:-

After that day, I only saw hedgie once during the day until last week. Then it was out quite a bit. However, by then I had sussed that he/she had "moved house" from the front door pot to my polytunnel. I suspect the PT got a bit hot during the day. My instinct was to leave well alone since he/she looked well. I continued providing cat food, the odd egg and plenty of water.

Tonight I have my answer. He is a "she". SHE now has a "Mini Me". THe little one is SOOOOOOOOOO cute. I am made up.


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congratulations granny :)
Fabulous news BM, so pleased to hear it. They are lovely little creatures.
Oh that is good news BM. They are having such a hard time of it. X
Aww bless, barmaid. At Tiggywinkles baby hedgehogs are called urchins. I think that's sweet.
We have 2 huge hedgies visit us every night. Years ago we used to feed lots of hedgehogs in our garden with Chum Puppy Food but it was expensive and I worried about them relying on it when I was on holiday. Then they stopped coming. Now we have 2 visiting every evening, drinking gallons of water from the bird water dish (poor things are so thirsty this weather) and I sprinkle dried meal worms on the lawn which they adore (from Wilkinsons or petshop)

My friend runs a hedgehog rescue centre and last week at her house I held a baby hedgie only 1 day old (orphan) ah bless!

Remember folks - feeding recommendation - no milk (their stomachs can't tolerate it) and no fish-based food - same reason. They are not too good with dog food in jelly as their stomachs are delicate and jelly gives them diarrhoea, best is puppy food loaf product meat-based. They also love peanuts but St. Tigglewinkles hedgehog hospital - the famous one, says peanuts should only be given as an occasional treat.
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I was mistaken.

Just to add to Ann's post - please crush the peanuts - whole ones can get stuck to the roof of the hedgehog's mouth and give it problems with eating.
Keep the badgies away, Barmaid, hedgies are their equivalent of a Mars Bar.

The Hedgie Soc quite like you reporting new Tiggies.....
That's lovely Barmaid. I love Hedgehogs:)
Congrats, I have got 4 of the little sods in my Bedroom, Just starting to wean them over.....They are really messy, I did 6 a couple of weeks ago, It has been really hard work in this heat. x
Ooh - fantastic. Can you get any photos - without disturbing them, of course.
ooooo yes please, photos if possible!
Photos would be much appreciated :)

The mini-hogs are very sweet:

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I shall see what I can do...........
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Well there's a thing. One of the Mini mes just paid a visit. But s/he was in BIG trouble. She was wrapped up in some sort of nylon netting (not from here). Mr BM held the baby, I carefully clipped it off with scissors. appears not to be injured and has now had something to eat and drink. Vets say to leave baby and make sure plenty of water available (there is). Once I've worked out how to use tinypic I shall post a pic.

Strange it appeared almost at my feet when it needed help.
You are very privileged, Barmaid. One hedgehog was good, three is brilliant.
I am so jealous. I've got a hedgehog house and think I might get one visiting, but I've never seen one. I leave Spikes dinner in a dish inside it and it seems to go, though very slowly. I will get something to put water in now you've said that. Lovely information on a day when it's too hot to move.
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Ed - help please, this is a cute pic!!!!

ASBO meets the Hoglet

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