Flea Season

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bednobs | 15:42 Mon 24th Jun 2013 | Animals & Nature
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what are people using for flea prevention this year - i am using the serresto collars again, and they are great. ALthough they are expensive, they actually work out cheaper over a nine month period than the spot on stuff


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I've found that frontline and spot on don't work anywhere near as well as they used to. Mine also have the collars. I was a bit sceptical, but no problems at all.
We haven't got flea's yet... nor have the we changed last year to Advocate last year, from the vet... but your right..its everso expensive.. so thanks for the tip..I'll try that! Mrs C x

We use the Bob Martin Flea Collars, £7.50 a time for Large Dogs
and a lot more effective than that F/L stuff that doesn't seem to
work so well.
And the Cat gets a little 'un at the same time.
We use Advocate for our cats and the dog, its a spot on you put on every 4 weeks and seems to work very well. We haven't had a problem since the animals have been on this, better than Frontline. It probably is expensive, the things that work tend to be but it comes as part of a pet plan package we have with the vet so is included in with accidental damage cover, accidental injury cover and a couple of check ups a year so it works out reasonably cheap all in all.
I have the Advocate spot on for one cat and the Advocate injection for the other. Very happy with both, wouldn't consider an off-the-shelf product.
Me neither Prudie. I use only Advocate. Each treatment kills not only Fleas, but Hookworms, Roundworms, Heartworm and Otodectes ear mites.
I too use Advocate for Callie, always have for nearly two years, it works really well, never had a problem with flea, ticks or worms, it's not cheap but it does work.............
I'm buying frontline every month for these 2 and not totally convinced it is 100% effective
O god I thought you meant on me.

I pick up fleas from anything - animate or inanimate - I refer to grass fleas. Clearly I am not the person to go to bed with - even the dog shows disinclination in this heat
DJHawkes, frontline is no longer very effective, I read somewhere that fleas are now immune to it very often, try Advocate, it's much more effective and treats worms too, you only need to give your dogs a drontal tablet every three months too, as it doesn't treat or guard against tapeworm, but then your fully covered...............
We've used Stronghold for several years for the catz and I highly recommend it - we couldn't get on at all with Advocate, and I wouldn't put collars on the catz, not nohow.
Advocate for me as well, seems to work really well on Eric.
advocate for my 3......nowt else works.
i've found some of that on a website and will try it, they've just had a top up of frontline as i had 2 pipettes left from the beginning of the month

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Flea Season

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